One Company– Multiple Solutions
CASNET provides you the advantage of working with one company for all of your document management and scanning needs. With over forty years of experience in conversion of paper and film, business processes consulting and world-class document management software that all works together.

Conversion Bureau
One of the largest scanning and conversion bureaus in Northeast Ohio, CASNET has the capacity and experience to handle any conversion or keying project. Our expert team is ready to work with you to manage your needs from daily processing to archival.

Premise and Cloud Solutions
When deciding where to store your information, CASNET has the experience to guide you through the decision. We work with you to determine what style of implementation is best – Cloud or Premise. Together we will develop your solution that works today and in the future.

Partner not Vendor
You deserve a company that cares about the results and not just the sale. CASNET is your trusted Partner that understands and works for you to achieve exceptional results when providing and managing your information and document management solutions. CASNET is Trusted and Proven.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"...We have automated that requisitioning system and it has cut the time and effort for everyone in half at least and in some cases more than in half just because of the time saved not needing to track down where the paper is and not having to resubmit it if you never find it."

Joy Cipolloni, Emerson

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