About Us


Our Vision

Is to become the leader in custom business process outsourcing by providing efficient, cost saving, high-quality transaction processing to the public and private sectors. By doing so with world class ECM tools and delivery methods that are proven “best practices”, our customers will value our partnership and become better at what they do.

Our Mission

Is to provide technology based products and services focused on solving information and document management issues for our customers.

Our Purpose

Is to improve the quality of the lives of those we serve, employ, and interact with in our communities.

Our Core Values

Customer Focus

We share our understanding and appreciation for each other as we meet the needs of those we serve.

Mutual Respect and Teamwork

We are committed to maintaining the highest standard of conduct and hold ourselves and our performance accountable at all times.


We encourage a non-threatening environment that fosters the open sharing of information with each other.

Family, Faith and Fun

About CASNET Team

We acknowledge that individuals need to enjoy and nurture relations outside of work.

We support personal and spiritual growth and respect each individual’s faith practices, traditions, and beliefs.

We foster a fun working environment.


We are committed to developing our employees to their fullest potential to ensure the growth and success of the individual as well as of CASNET.

Community Enrichment

We encourage and support community involvement for our individuals and corporation.

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