How to Improve HR Record Retention

Out of everything you must worry about in your daily business dealings, HR record retention shouldn’t be one of them, especially not with the federal guidelines and electronic-automation technology available today. Together these two systems outline and facilitate the proper handling of sensitive HR related

Top 5 Record Management Trends

It has been nearly two decades since the digital revolution took hold of records management for the average business, and the platform continues to see improvements and expansion in the same vein. With the explosion of social media, cloud-based archiving solutions and multiple device-compatibility, record

On or Off Site Choosing the Most Secure Document Storage

In the past, the greatest risk your documents faced typically came straight from Mother Nature. Going paperless can protect you against physical damage, but it introduces potential risks as a result of viruses, hardware damage, and data theft. On-site, secure digital document storage might seem to

Top 5 Record Retention Best Practices

Data moves the world and as technology advances, so too does the amount of data that businesses need to retain effectively access. Moreover, while cloud services and applications make it easier to access data, security is of paramount importance in protecting trade secrets and customer privacy.

How to Successfully Move to an Automated Document Management System

Given the huge benefits that an automated document management system offers, it is no wonder that so many businesses are opting out of physical paper and “share drive” document storage. As a consequence of having a more streamlined operation, you will reduce the workload and

Save Time & Money – Cloud Document Storage for Business

Whether you are working for a small business, an ambitious startup, or a large corporation, there is one thing that you will need to deal with on a regular basis: the storage of the large amounts of data and electronic documentation that every business accumulates

Easy HR Record Retention Guidelines for Businesses

One of the most important duties of any HR department is managing and retaining a wide array of personnel and payroll records. There are many governmental regulations, such as FLSA, ERISA, and FMLA, as well as government agencies, such as the IRS and OSHA that have

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