CASNET’s software division for OnBase and ApplicationXtender was acquired by Naviant

On October 20th 2017, CASNET’s software division for OnBase and ApplicationXtender was acquired by Naviant Please read the Welcome Letter

How to Better Manage Your Membership Records

Non-profits and other types of membership-based organizations require a solution that makes it easy to structure and maintain membership records properly. In the best-case scenario, the strategies used accomplish two things. First, the records are always accessible to authorized personnel. Second, the data is backed

How to Organize Important Documents Digitally

When you decide to organize important documents, you can adopt several approaches. Going the modern route will usually deliver the best results. Digital document storage and organization reduces clutter, improves access and results in enhanced security. To organize important documents digitally however, you’ll need to

Fulfilling Federal Government Record Retention Guidelines

Keeping up with federal government record retention guidelines can be tricky for any organization. Even one that prides itself on careful organization and documentation. The changes of laws, special circumstances involved in certain scenarios, and unique complications arising from digital record keeping and other technologies,

Top Tips for Better Workforce Mobility

Workforce mobility is becoming more and more prominent with 61 percent of employees reporting work outside the office for at least part of the time. The trend is gaining so much prominence because it leads to a 30 percent better process and a 23 percent

The 5 Best Long Term Digital Storage Solutions

Digital storage is one of the hallmarks of an automated document system. More than anything else, it facilitates business continuity. Before the transition from paper to electronic documents became as valuable to companies as it is today, digital storage found its way into every facet

Why Make the Change to Paperless Medical Records

Accuracy, transparency, accessibility and efficiency are positive attributes that businesses and consumers alike appreciate. When you implement paperless medical records, the cost effective benefits they exhibit make record-keeping and patient access to pertinent information the modern-day commodity. What makes paperless medical records appealing to clients

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