Benefits to Having a Document Management Workflow

Business process management can involve multiple steps, including document management workflow automation. The goal can be achieved through the incorporation of workflow in a document management system. Implementing a document management workflow will provide an array of important benefits for every single business.

A Simple Guide on How to Store Documents Online

These days, online document storage has changed the game. In the past, when your computer blue-screened or your hard-drive failed, you were largely out of luck in terms of recovery methods. However, once the mobile device revolution started, Google and Microsoft began offering cloud solutions,

Perks of Hiring a Medical Document Scanning Service

Wondering whether a document scanning service is the right choice for your medical practice, hospital, or other medical facility? There are any number of benefits to working with a scanning service, benefits that will give you peace of mind, ease the burden on your employees,

How to Preserve Personal Paper Documents

For decades, people have been searching for ways to preserve and store away old paper documents, or banish paper clutter from their lives altogether. The good news is, nowadays, if you’ve got a smart phone, computer and have access to a scanner, you have the

The 3 Best Personal Online Document Storage Solutions

With so many online document storage services available, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, figuring out which service is best for you can be confusing. Not only do you have to take price and usability into account, but you’ll also need to

How to Use Automated Workflows

Automated workflow is a term that describes a process that begins when a specific action occurs, followed by a series of events that are automated, in that they do not require a manual trigger. The most obvious time this happens is in marketing, when a

How to Improve HR Record Retention

Out of everything you must worry about in your daily business dealings, HR record retention shouldn’t be one of them, especially not with the federal guidelines and electronic-automation technology available today. Together these two systems outline and facilitate the proper handling of sensitive HR related

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