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Minimize Human Error with Document Management for Courts

The legal profession produces an extraordinary amount of paperwork, and there is no telling when the various files and information will be required. Often, you will need to keep hard copies from a retention standpoint, but trying to hunt through hard copies is time consuming. Handling

5 Tips For Going Paperless

Paper is deeply entwined with the every day running of a business, but for the last 50 years, technology has been steadily developing to help us reduce the reliance on the paper that flows through our offices. Not only will going paperless help cut down

Does Your Record Management System Meet Current Standards?

Every business has a record management system that they use to access and retrieve information. Whether it involves utilizing old filing cabinets or the use of updated computer systems, a method is being used to help you to find reports or documents when required, but

How to Better Manage Your Membership Records

Non-profits and other types of membership-based organizations require a solution that makes it easy to structure and maintain membership records properly. In the best-case scenario, the strategies used accomplish two things. First, the records are always accessible to authorized personnel. Second, the data is backed

Preparing Your Documents for Scanning Services

Many businesses embrace the thought of adopting a digital solution for their documents. Although they are open to the idea of it, physically preparing to scan documents can be overwhelming. This laborious task can often frustrate and deter individuals from wanting to pursue the change.

The Disadvantages of a Record Storage Facility

The need to maintain records, archives, or a collection of data for later reference is common to many businesses. For some, the amount of information that needs to be stored is immense, and, for older companies, may date back to decades of collected research, transactions,

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