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Can Hyland OnBase Software Integrate With My Existing Systems?

It’s safe to assume that for most functioning, modern businesses and organizations, there’s already some integration with digital technology. Medical practices may be legally required to use electronic medical records, while Universities use digital systems to keep track of student information. Financial based businesses such

Fulfilling Federal Government Record Retention Guidelines

Keeping up with federal government record retention guidelines can be tricky for any organization. Even one that prides itself on careful organization and documentation. The changes of laws, special circumstances involved in certain scenarios, and unique complications arising from digital record keeping and other technologies,

How to Lower the Cost of Document Storage

Document storage could be an expensive endeavor, particularly if you have a larger business archive. On-site storage can be quite costly with upfront fees and hardware costs reaching up to $6,500. The cost of document storage goes down when you opt for a digital solution

Pros & Cons of High Speed Document Scanners

Desktop scanners and shared multi-functional printers (MFPs) are standard pieces of office equipment but, when it comes to continuously processing a large volume of documents, they aren’t going to be the most productive option. The good news is that high-speed “production” scanners exist, providing a

The Latest Records Management Trends

The drive to eliminate paper from the offices of small businesses and from large corporate boardrooms is in full effect. Records management trends continue to emphasize digital content and rely less and less on the cataloguing and storage of physical medium. Given that the costs

Why Pension Funds Can Benefit from Document Scanning Services

The use of document scanning services by pension funds may seem non-traditional, but in this instance the tradition can be safely broken. With properly scanned and stored documents, security is preserved and the documents themselves can last as long as they need to. It is also

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