Why Offsite Document Storage Lockers Do More Harm Than Good

If you conduct a quick internet search, you’ll find articles advertising the benefits of offsite redundancy for storing your business-related materials. This is certainly a good thing for some documents, but many of these articles fail to mention why offsite storage of paper documents is

On or Off Site Choosing the Most Secure Document Storage

In the past, the greatest risk your documents faced typically came straight from Mother Nature. Going paperless can protect you against physical damage, but it introduces potential risks as a result of viruses, hardware damage, and data theft. On-site, secure digital document storage might seem to

Minimize Human Error with Document Management for Courts

The legal profession produces an extraordinary amount of paperwork, and there is no telling when the various files and information will be required. Often, you will need to keep hard copies from a retention standpoint, but trying to hunt through hard copies is time consuming. Handling

How to Lower the Cost of Document Storage

Document storage could be an expensive endeavor, particularly if you have a larger business archive. On-site storage can be quite costly with upfront fees and hardware costs reaching up to $6,500. The cost of document storage goes down when you opt for a digital solution

How document management will help you spring clean your office

Spring is traditionally the season that marks change, or the start of something new. Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to your home, backyard, or garage; businesses can benefit from spring cleaning too, and document management is a huge part of that. Here are just a

Creating a Document Retention Policy That Really Works

A good document retention policy is one that dictates and outlines how the personnel of an organization are to handle all of the organization’s information. It defines which documents are “records” and it ensures that employees properly manage these valuable documents from the point when

Connected Solutions Equal Good Decisions Sustaining Your Public Utility, Part 2– Building Integrated Solutions

Last time we talked about the challenges of running a public utility and the volume of the paper created and used to run your public utility.  This time we will talk about different time and cost saving solutions. This responsibility and the considerable fiscal constraints

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