5 Key Features Your Electronic Document Management System Must Deliver

The decision to move document storage from a physical space to a digital format is one that is, in theory, designed to make life easier for a business. There are the obvious benefits of such a transition, such as no longer requiring physical storage space

5 of the Best Information Scanning Solutions

Any company that has been in business for at least a few years can attest to the sheer volume of resources that quickly become involved in document storage. We save everything because we never know what we’ll need,  for example, a document from five years

5 Tips For Going Paperless

Paper is deeply entwined with the every day running of a business, but for the last 50 years, technology has been steadily developing to help us reduce the reliance on the paper that flows through our offices. Not only will going paperless help cut down

5 Ways the Manufacturing Industry Can Benefit from Document Management Services

Much like any other industry, it is imperative to have complete knowledge of your business practices and be aware of how prolific and useful they are for your company. Being aware will facilitate growth, as it will enable you to be mindful of what works

9 Common Mistakes When Creating a Document Retention Policy

A document retention policy is imperative for any company. It offers a guideline to employees, indicating how documents are to be handled within the organization. This is a significant policy and it can pose a problem if it is not well structured and effectively implemented.

A Business Owner’s Guide to Electronic Records Management

When running a business, it is imperative that all documents related to operating and managing your business are stored, organized and efficiently arranged so that they can be retrieved when needed. Without the proper management of these critical documents, usually referred to as records, business

Assessing Your Company’s Need for Cloud Services

Cloud services offer businesses an excellent option that is tremendously beneficial. This mode of technology delivers an unprecedented experience to organizations, providing them with the flexibility and the capability to handle increasing or decreasing demands. It is an inexpensive solution that can meet the needs

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