How To Protect Your Organization’s Data From Natural & Man-Made Disasters

Natural disasters can happen at any time and in almost any place. In anticipation of this scenario, it is important to have a plan in place for protecting organizational documents and data. There are steps you should take if you choose to store important documents and data on-site so that they are not lost or destroyed in the case of a natural or man-made disaster.

Locate Essential Data

Before you are faced with a disaster, it is important to evaluate your building and the rooms where documents and data are stored. You may want to consider the possibility of flooding, fires, earthquakes as well other types of disasters such as a terrorist attack. It is important to store your information in the safest areas of the building. Away from windows in secured areas is the best choice.

Make a Plan for Natural Disasters

If you don’t already have one in place, create a plan for accessing your information in case of disaster. Your team’s years of hard work will be useless if you are not protecting the data essential to the operation of your organization. In almost every scenario, a hard copy or digital copy of your information must be stored at another facility in order to protect your organization’s data.

Formatting Documents, Data and Backup of Important Information

Consider the format of your documents, data and important information. Paper is easily destroyed in flooding, fire and wind events. A good option for you would be to scan any item that’s on paper and store it on your local servers while placing a copy ”in the cloud”. Smaller data files can be stored on flash drives, which can be waterproof, shock resistant and dust proof. They are also easy to take off site where they would not likely be subject to the same disaster. Moving all this information onto digital files and backing it up offsite will ensure that essential information can be reached when it is needed. Storing information in the cloud enables access from home and provides simultaneous, secure access to employees who need to use the same data.

Another option is to use a document management company that provides a hosted or cloud option. They can design their systems to enable one or more employees access to information from any location. This option is great for protecting your company data and making it easily accessible.

Proactive planning can protect your organization from suffering loses in the case of natural disaster. Protecting your organization’s data should be a top priority, nothing is more discouraging and damaging than losing irreplaceable data or having to re-create your files from scratch because you weren’t prepared for a disaster.

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