Accounts Receivable Document Management

The Accounts Receivable process can be challenging, but it is the life’s blood of all commercial enterprises. If the invoices are not sent in a timely fashion, if you cannot prove that you sent it, or cannot quickly retrieve supporting documents such as customer POs, or LTL Proofs of Delivery, then cash flow slows. Your team wastes time researching issues and then calling the customer multiple times trying to get them on the phone. Improve your accounts receivable functionality through CASNET by automating your department. Stop wasting time and money by manually doing discount management and handling your AR functions in a paper format or via email.

CASNET’s approach to these challenges is to use electronic documents such as outbound Invoices and inbound POs to kick off automated workflows which ensure that these transactions are addressed in a timely and consistent fashion. We also preserve a perfect record of all of the documents, notes, and communications that were a part of the process. This ensures that everyone has one source of the truth and the exceptions are documented and addressed. Slow moving issues or transactions are easily identified by management so that they can be escalated and addressed. In this area, preserving this information and facilitating workflows is a advantage to customer service as they can see images of the actual documents that were presented to and sent by the customer. With CASNET’s expertise in AR improvement, we will show you how to maximize your AR process, which ultimately maximizes your cash flow while improving customer service.

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