Engineering Document Management System

Managing engineering change notices, engineering change requests, drawing revisions, customer configurations, batch recipe changes, etc. can be complicated within an engineering department. While some design platforms help facilitate this process, sharing all of that information with customers, accounting quality, and production staff can be overwhelming. Using engineering release and control software to serve these needs can make the process even more expensive and complex. In working with our business analyst and sales professionals, we will investigate and understand your unique process. We then apply our business re-engineering methodology and software tools to move your organization closer to your desired efficiency and customer service objectives. As part of that process, we will educate your organization on how to electronically capture your information from any format (mail, fax, e-mail, CAD, ESIRA, etc.), and connect that content directly with the systems that you use to process those transactions today. Our goal is to cost effectively supplement your existing line of business systems so that you can leverage the investments that you have already made. We also provide a platform for employees outside of engineering to access the information they need without consuming expensive engineering software seat licenses.

The automated approval workflows, comprehensive document management and exception handling tools inherent in the systems that CASNET implements enable Engineering teams with limited resources to be more strategic and less transactional.

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