Electronic HR Document Management & Scanning

There is a fight for talent in the today’s market. Inefficient paper based processes that require candidates to fill out multiple paper forms with the same information can turn off prospective employees. The Human Resources (HR) department is crucial to supporting an organization’s staffing requirements and getting the right people in the correct seats. HR has their hands in managing current employees, job applications, the dissemination of employees, and enforcement of the company’s policies and procedures — all of which deal with shuffling a lot of information and tracking the status of reviews, new hires, grievances, promotions, transfers, etc. As this information is constantly in motion throughout the entire organization, it is often difficult as well as time consuming to find the relevant information and the most current status. Implementing automation into your HR processes enables managers and staff to focus on serving employees instead of filling out redundant or lost paperwork. Lost documentation can result in increased cost, and also has potential legal ramifications. Housing files digitally facilitates efficient audits and reduces the risk of compliance issues while assuring the organization that files are secure, meeting record retention policies.

CASNET can help Human Resource departments to automate hiring, onboarding and reviews enabling the human resource professional to be a more strategic partner to the company.

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