Distribution Document Management & Scanning

Whether you are distributing, parts, consumer goods, or raw materials, there are a number of environmental factors changing the landscape for distributors. They expect everything better, faster, and cheaper. Customers are used to the experience of their iPhone and Amazon and are disappointed if they do not get the same experience in their business lives. Customers want a status update on the phone or through a live chat. Many Distributors have a sea of people receiving, routing, and keying this data in order to try to keep up with customer expectations. To add to the confusion, large vendors and customers want to provide “standard” EDI files that really are not standard at all. This adds another data path that must be processed and the information made accessible to Sales and Customer Service as well as Operations. In order to satisfy customers and vendors your team must have access to the most current information at any given time and often from a number of locations. There are Purchase Orders (POs) and Blanket POs from customers and to vendors. There are Bills of Lading (BOL) and Vendor Invoices. There are approval processes on the buying and selling side. There are lines of credit to manage and auditors to satisfy. Many organizations have to run at light speed and often burn out their team just to get an order and an invoice out. Inefficient management of documents and processes extends Accounts Receivable aging, negatively impacts customer satisfaction, and often increases the strain on the operating line of credit. Inventory levels can also swell.

In order to keep up with innovative competitors and accelerating customer expectations, distribution companies must innovate and automate their information technology. It is not enough to have a good ERP and move paper and email faster, you must have an integrated document management system that helps to route and automate information capture from customer Purchase Orders, Proof of Deliveries, and Vendor Invoices.

Distribution is about customer service, quality, and price. CASNET has the solutions required to speed up the order to invoice process and increase cash flow, the life’s blood of any Distribution business. CASNET’s approach to these challenges is to use the electronic documents, such as Invoices and POs, to kick off automated workflows to ensure that these transactions are addressed in a timely and consistent fashion. We also then preserve a perfect record of all of the documents, notes, and communications that were a part of the process. We can implement an Application Platform that will integrate seamlessly with your ERP and email system. It can provide mobile access, approval workflows, and a secure folder sharing technology to your staff. This ensures that everyone has one source of the truth and the exceptions are documented and addressed, or at least easily identified by management so that they may be addressed.

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