Cloud, Electronic & Paperless Document Storage

Cloud, Electronic & Paperless Document StorageCASNET Cloud Services are the perfect place to host your documents and business process automation tools without a large upfront capital investment. Customers can easily access their content and information from anywhere in the world. The supporting infrastructure consists of a dedicated cloud content management environment of highly-secure cloud data centers strategically located around the globe. With this level of global coverage, you can decide where your data resides, choosing a location that is compliant with the privacy and governance rules of your industry or region.

With no large upfront capital expenses, and full range of Content Management Solutions, we provide “best in class” services that will increase your operational efficiencies while reducing your expenses, and providing an immediate Return On Investment (ROI).

Our portfolio of offerings can provide a complete Content Management solution, including Workflow applications, which enable you to manage your business without straining your IT Department. With a wide range of price points and industry leading products, our offerings will meet your needs today and support your growth in the future.

Our offerings include:

Hyland’s OnBase Enterprise document and application development platform. OnBase is a best in class enterprise level solution that can start in one department or a small organization and grow into a solution that can serve even the largest global enterprises. OnBase’s modular design means that you only purchase the features that you need.

CASNET’s eWIX™ – A straight forward document management system for storing and accessing information from the cloud. In most cases, customers send us their content from remote location and we scan, index and upload it daily. Great for organizations with limited IT staffs and limited scanning or indexing resources.

Application Xtender – With a feature set that is somewhere in between OnBase and eWIX™ , Application Xtender is a well constructed document management system with fewer bells and whistles than OnBase, but more than eWIX™.

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