Online Digital Document Storage & Archiving

CASNET’s eWIX™ (Electronic Worldwide Information Exchange) is a simple, reliable, and proven method of easily accessing and digitally archiving paper documents and electronic files without having to purchase hardware or software. Our hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is a secured web based service that enables organizations to easily make this information accessible anytime and anywhere.

The vast majority of our eWIX™ customers leverage our world-class service bureau every day. They send us documents from their remote locations. We then scan them, index them and upload them into our eWIX™ cloud application. Most customers choose our 24-hour service level which means that their information is available to their teams in accounting, customer service, HR, etc. within 24 hours of CASNET receiving their documents. This high-speed approach to information access can mean a big difference in supporting demanding customers and employees. Today we process both paper and electronic content.


CASNET will handle your document needs by prepping, scanning, indexing, and importing them to the secure eWIX™ Cloud service as quickly as within 24 hours of receiving them. Our eWIX™ solution is hosted, secured and mirrored, ensuring that your documents are available when you need them.

Customers have found that eWIX™ eliminates costly filing, re-filing, searching, distributing, and photocopying time, while freeing up costly office storage space.  eWIX™ is a simple, reliable, and proven method of easily accessing and archiving files such as invoices, purchase orders, contracts, quality assurance documents, bills of lading, human resource files, medical records, X-ray images, and delivery logs.

The eWIX™ document management service provides many features deliver enhanced productivity.

Online Digital Document Storage & ArchivingSome key advantages to eWIX™ include:

  • Simple and easy to use (no training required)
  • Minimal upfront investment (requires a web browser and Internet access)
  • Does not require support from your IT team
  • Instant access to all information
  • Ability to upload documents either individually or in bulk
  • Numerous formats can be stored and retrieved (Faxes, PDF, TIFF, MS Word, Email, etc…)
  • Safe and Secure

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